Saturday, June 17, 2017

what i like in new movies are the developing special effects, of course the story line is hardly ever interesting in big hollywood movies

i worked 9 hours at the restaurant making deliveries today

i got off 12 minutes ago and remembered i didn't turn on the radio once

andrew :

jason, you are like me, too easily absorbed into other peoples lives

home to the philistines !

i think i get treated unfairly
and if i point out that i get treated unfairly then the demons start to come out of other people

i was always looking for someone to tell my stories to, i ended up finding the internet to accomplish just that

What would change if you were given a lottery ticket and won 10 million dollars?

laying on my bed

thinking in and outside of myself

i don't know what will happen in five minutes

and i'm still trying to figure it out

i wondered where zakaj and sepehr had been, they were making use of their time elsewhere (cryptocurrency) !

i'm pretty bad at remembering names, especially if i think i won't meet you again past the day we met !

being broke fucking sucks !

you're somewhere with your thinking

and i'm somewhere else with mine

you're somewhere with your thinking

and i'm somewhere else

i daydream, imagining things that will just never happen

that's fun

me :

that's basically meditation

i try to see more of reality

women can spend so much time everyday getting their make up on, doing their hair, etc.

since their number one priority is breeding it's not a big deal for them !

i'm not someone to keep on the back-log

i'm not someone to keep on the main-log

played soccer last thursday, it seems like people at least subtly know that heading the ball is concussive

whenever the offensive team has a corner, no one wants to defend our goal which usually involves heading the ball away

they're less avoidant on an offensive corner but still there's reluctance to head the ball

i just jump out of both boxes when there's a corner, i played 40 minutes and only once lightly head the ball but i even regret that

i went to the grocery store today and outside of work it's where i see the most people on a weekly basis

anyway i'm just looking around at produce and the grocery store usually has a higher proportion of women

there's this youngish one a bit taller than me with darker brown hair wearing yoga pants and she's clearly the best looking woman in the store at the moment, we make eye contact for a second but i'm just trying to buy food and get out of there

so i'm looking at some blueberries and there's a bit of a jam with the shopping carts and people where i'm trying to get around and she's trying to get around so i just stood there waiting for her to make a move

she goes around the stack of food and gets so close to me i can feel the heat of her body, she had more room to not get so close

yeah that happens every once in a while, a woman gets so close you can feel the heat coming off of them

andrew :

aristotle was alexander the great's tutor and corresponded with him later in life, there was obviously a strong bond and influence there
a little more than a century later, the terracotta warriors were heavily influenced in style by greek statuary and seven to eight hundred years from the height of alexander's empire the indo-grecian bodhidharma started a new religion based on the aristotelian sophistical and anti-dogmatic rhetorical style in china

re: car
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as you get older you will start to understand you have the competence to have been quite a big deal in the world, but your life is mostly failure
this life failure is what mysticism is, successful people are not mystics though ultimately success is a bit of an illusion, all the same their lives are comfortable and they are productively busy !
re: car
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i used to imagine myself telling my family " i could make a lot of money if i wanted to "

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